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Architectural Fountains

Unmatched Quality

To design the hydraulics system for a fountain with moving or active water, a very firm idea must be developed as to how the fountain will look, and the appearance it is supposed to have.


Every water feature displays its optical and acoustical appeal against the background of its environment, be it an element of the garden, a park, or town landscape.

Ball Fountain

Dom Fountains

Double Dom Fountain

Double Ring Fountain

Foam Wedding Cake

Peacock Tail Fountains

Revolving Fountain

Sculpture Fountain

Three Stage Sequential Fountain


Water Net with Crown

Water Net with Dome  


Floating Fountains

Exceptionally low maintenance .....

Floating Fountains will add beauty and elegance to landscaping. People love the sight and sound of water.  It is very relaxing to sit at water's edge and listen to the gentle sound of water. it is also a source of aeration for pond or lake water.

Whether you are looking for a small fountain for pond, or a LARGE aerator for lake.

Water Proof lights provided with floating fountains, for a spectacular nighttime show.....


Floating Fountains

Musical Fountains

Hundreds of effects like these created by just one show....

Musical fountains are enjoyed by all age groups and are the center of attraction at children parks, amusement center, lawns, hotels etc

Musical fountains are programmed to have required outlook. These flows as per the pitch & frequency of music.

Every single jet or group of jets is connected to PLC.

Musical Fountains


Stone Fountains

Exceptionally low operating cost

The fountains are made out of different kinds of stones with different shapes and design. With strong lifting power of water pump, the stone ball creates relaxing and dynamic effect while rotating on the base.

We are able to meet the most varied needs of yours both in interior and exterior.

Bowl Water Fountains

Bowl Water Fountains

Fiber Glass Magic Tape Fountain

Ball Water Fountains

Stone Fountains

100 mm Glass Ball Fountains

  Concrete Fountains  


Water Fall and Sheet Falls

A proven crowed pleasure

The fountain design team is comprised of a talented group of artisans and engineers that represent the leading edge of waterfall design and fabrication.

Most durable and resilient materials, used in waterfall and water-film fall which are essential for the construction of fountain water features.

Circular Sheet Fall Fountain

Sheet Fall Square

Sheet Fall with Mist

Wall Sheet Fall Fountain

Water Cascade with Peacock Tail

Water Cascade



Turnkey Projects

Always Executed in Time Limit......

Group of Different Fountains Installed with constriction of water features landscaping and complete site development work on turnkey basis   

Sushant Golf City Lucknow

Sushant City II Jaipur

Sushant Lok Jodhpur

Kayalana Circle jodhpur

Peacock Tail Fountains

Umed Heritage Jodhpur


Vyas Engineering collage jodhpur

Shatabdi Cricle Jodhpur




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